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A Sneak Peak at Some of Bell's New Fall 2011 Models!

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We had the opportunity to preview some of Bell’s new Fall 2011 line of helmets and we are very impressed! Due to the overwhelming popularity of the carbon fiber helmets Bell has introduced 2 new carbon fiber models, the Hess Carbon Fiber and the Matte Carbon, and a few new Vortex Models, including the Flying Tiger (awesome) and the B-54. All of these graphics will be available in September! Here are a few teaser photos:

Here are a couple of the new Vortex graphics, the Flying Tiger and the B-54!

As soon as these new designs are available you can count on Cycle Sector to be among the first to get them in stock! If you have any questions about these or any other new models please give us a call at 619-564-4935 or email at [email protected].
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is the first one the spluge model??

Im liking the Bell helmets, are they BSE rated?
spluge? Its the Hess Carbon Fiber.
Flying tiger is kinda dope....the matte carbon i like, but the venting look out of place on it , shame....otherwise.....
pretty sweet any ideal as to what to range we can be looking at?
spluge? Its the Hess Carbon Fiber.

Instead of 'spluge', think 'splooge' as in firing off a shot :crackup:
Looks like these guys have the perfect helmet now!

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WOW!!!!! I love all of them!!!!

And you swear by bell right Diego? I am a shoei guy but that matte carbon is ..... Speechless!!!!
that duke looks dope!!
good looking helmets, thanks for the sneak peak
Price on the matte carbon? I just bought a new Arai and started stripping it Dow. For custom paint too. :-X
Oh man, so psyched about that hess. Dan was an artist in Cleveland just emerging from the underground (where he had been since like 1980) when I left. Haven't even heard from him in years, used to love his work and still do now that I look at it again. Glad to see he's getting recognition! I even have some of his work on me:
can't wait for these to come out! looks awesome!
I'm disappointed they re-released the same Hess graphic on a carbon helmet base. They should've done a new Hess graphic. (solely my opinion of course).

The Flying Tiger is cool. I'm usually not one to pick an airplane/military inspired helmet, but that graphic is pretty cool.
A new Hess design would have been better I agree. I think you guys are gonna like the new RS-1 designs, they have some very nice new graphics. I'll post those soon.
hells yeah! it's all about the flying shark. there an email list we can get on to be notified when you get them?
I am def onboard with the B-54
How do you guys feel about this helmets compared to the Shoei RF-1100? I just crashed with one of them and I'll have to buy a new helmet once this collar bone heals up. The designs above look really good.
These should be released very soon. I will make sure to post up as soon as they are available to order.
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