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Hello all, My advertising is going to be gone soon so here are some updates and something about me.

If you need to get a hold of me, please email me [email protected] or call me 858 380-6778 if urgent. I'll update everyone on the 07'-09' tail light here for now. I have a completed and finish tail light but production haven't started yet. I have all the Len cover for the 07-09, but the back are expensive to make (professional resin casting) and I don't want my customers to have a second rate tail light. My price is going to be reasonable like the 03-06 and I doubt the other competitors puts that must time and effort to make a tail light for that cheat. The cost to make 100 tail light for the 03-06 was close to $95/each without labor and I can prove that. Don't kid yourself about the quality for that price because as far as I can tell, my tail light are up on the top shelf.

If anybody wants a 07-09 tail light, in a couple of weeks I'll be offering something. Basically, I will be offering a LED tail light already install in finish painted tail fairing for a reasonably price.(pretty reasonable)

I am going to be getting a new black and white fairing set for my 08' CBR600rr to replace my orange and black set. Also, I got a customize silver on white for a 04' CBR600rr. I will post up some pictures and how good it fits. If anybody is looking and wants new fairing set, hit me up. I'm a reasonably person to work with. I'm in the process of re-doing my website that offers fairing sets for the 03'-09' HONDA CBR600rr. (Have to consider other bikes too but I like Honda.) I have a relationship with a company that will customize fairing set and sell me painted original color schemes ones. I'll get you a good deal and MAKE SURE THE FAIRING SET FITS BEFORE I SEND IT OUT MY DOORS, it won't be a problem because I have an 04' and 08' Honda CBR600RR to fit them. (customize one are just a little more). I'm fair and want to help out everyone. You can count on it.

For those who wants to get to know me a little, started this tail light business because someone screwed me (you know who you are, please contact me because you still me owe me for an invoice) therefore I invested a lot of money and time to get the 03'-06' tail light out there. Practically, I haven't made my money back yet. (not sure if I am but got a good quality product out there and my name.) I co-own San Diego Electronic Supply for about 2-1/2 years now, (not an engineer). My goals is to get my BSN soon and then pursue a master (I hope). (Heart is setting on helping the less fortune ones.) I'm getting there because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I treat everyone the same, friendly and fair and I hate people who screw me when I'm nice to them. There has only been 5 people that I kicked out my store because they were jerks to me and insulted me. Everyone on and has emailed me have all been nice and cool to me.( I have reply back with kindness and respect because sometimes not everyone remembers or knows everything) and I will add you when I get my facebook up if you want. BTW: I'm 23 yrs old and love Honda. I have been riding since I was 18 and I had an 04' Blue CBR600rr but someone stole it when I was at school.(my first bike ever) Now I currently have a 08' orange/blk CBR600rr. Thank you everyone. Sorry for a long post.

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