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? about the CBR's

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ok as some of you know im new to the forums and to the CBR. im looking to get a 07 CBR but i want to know what years are what generations, and what years are known for having what kinds of problems. like i know certin years of yamaha r6's have second gear problems. what years are the best for the CBR and what years are the worst? any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
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Only common problem I've had with my 07 that I've seen others with is the emergency kill switch. If you use it to shut off, sometimes it wont start up. It just needs to be opened up and have the contacting metal pieces bent a little more for better contact. Until I open it up, I just bang on the switch a few times and it'll start.
As long as I dont touch it, never had any problems. But you take it to a bike shop for new tires or something where someone touches it, you can play the "you broke my bike' card and watch them squirm lol.

Supposedly there may be a new model for 2012, but who knows if that'll happen. As far as chronic problems with them. I don't know. Someone else could chime in though.
You may not get many replies to this. Hondas are the best.
Its a honda, it will outlast you
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