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accident.. watch those high curved ramps..

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i was browsing the news archives here in houston looking for a old article and found this.. i ran across another article from the local paper and it said there the bike skid about 100m from the momentum.. that sucks..

kinda freaky.. i rolled my 4runner on the entrance of this ramp back in 2001.. police said from the looks of my skid marks my 4runner rode the rail about 40m b4 rolling.. i walked away scratchfree.. anyway.. i live 3 minutes from this freeway intersection now and i ride the curves on a daily basis...

Motorcycle Crashes; Driver Falls 70 Feet

POSTED: 10:18 am CDT October 9, 2006
UPDATED: 11:35 am CDT October 9, 2006
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JERSEY VILLAGE, Texas -- A motorcyclist died early Monday when he crashed into a northwest freeway wall and fell 70 feet to the ground below, KPRC Local 2 reported.Witnesses said the driver was speeding and did not make the curve on the entrance ramp from Highway 290 to the Sam Houston Parkway at about midnight.The driver struck the side of the ramp, was thrown from the bike over the wall, and crashed into the ground below, according to authorities.
He died on impact.The victim's name was not released.
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