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Ahh I need help!

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So I was just driving home from work, about 15 minutes into the drive and the whole time the bike had seemed a little sluggish. For example I would stay steady on the throttle and the RPM would go up and down, slightly, but noticeably. At first I thought it was just because it was raining a little heavy so I was giving the bike the benefit of the doubt. I'm about 5 minutes away and the bike's lights started dimming and returning to normal for about 30 seconds. At this point I knew something was wrong but I continued riding, just anticipating some type of cataclysmic event. The bikes oil light then came on so I immediately hit the kill switch and pulled onto the shoulder.

At first I just assumed it was the oil that ran dry but I began explaining the story to my brother (who knows more about bikes than I do) and he said he thought it was something different, he just wasn't sure what.

I should also mention that the bike got a little wet about 4 days ago and there was a clicking noise coming from one of the relays under the left upper mid fairing. When I heard this I disconnected the battery and waited until mid afternoon the next day to reconnect it. When I reconnected the clicking was gone so I turned the key and the bike fired right up. Could these be linked somehow?

Any help is greatly appreciated, especially cuz my bike is just sitting on the side of the road all night long and would like to get it home safe and sound as soon as possible. :banghead:

Thanks in advance guys!
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bump for some help :)
Check out the regulator / rectifier, which probably also killed the battery (just recharge it).
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