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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Upper Fairing Stay

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damn it okay i am tired of looking for this damn thing in the for sale section, i will try this and if i cant get one in like a week i will order from honda service at 55 plus 7.95 for shipping. so if any of u guys have a stay or no someone with one can u please help me out cause this part is all that is holding me back from riding my baby on the street ! ! ! !
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dude check ebay i saw a few of them for sale last night.
yah i know but they dont end for few days, and the buy now ones are like 70 bucks i am trying to find one on here and maybe some one wantd to get rid of one or needs some green u know, but thanks anyway ill keep on those ebays if wrx dont come through
thanks ms i mailed that guy on another forum but he never sent me back
no problem dude i'm on all day long might as well help people out.
no one have a stay??? might have to just get a new one then
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