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Hey guys, sorry in advance if this has been extensively covered (which I'm sure it has), but after searching the threads on here I didn't really get the straight answer that I was looking for.

-Bought my bike about a week ago (2007 CBR600RR). 7k miles never downed and came with a "Spy 5000m" alarm system.

-After talking to the seller, I found out the battery is a little old, but he charged it to make sure I could get it inspected and test ride. Everything was great, smooth, well taken care of.

-Bike started up fine and ran all week, I kept the alarm system armed overnight while it was in my shed until my garage was finished being built. One day bike fired right up with no problems, very next day battery couldn't start it. Worse the next day, and completely dead today. (No time display, speedometer)

- Does having your alarm system armed all the time drain the hell out of your battery? From what I understand with the Scorpio's, it takes a very minimal amount of power from the battery to operate the Scorpio even while armed. Could it be the "Spy 5000m" just takes too much battery?

- Could it be that it was just the battery? After all I did know the battery didn't have that much juice left. But starting the bike multiple times the day before with no problems to not even close to starting the next day makes me curious as to how much juice these alarms take.

- Has anyone had any similar situations with their alarms?

-I plan on switching from Spy to Scorpio in the future when I get the $. For the time being should I just uninstall the Spy? Or just stick with the new battery I'll be putting in tomorrow until I can get a Scorpio?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, and once again I apologize if this has been covered multiple times. I guess I'd just like my situation taken care of.
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