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Hello, I have a small issue that can be easily resolved with the help of a very nice member with a camera and some time. heres my issue:
Long story short, 04 600rr crashes and the wiring harness that plugs into the tach was damaged. The only damage that was done (besides the tach being smashed) is the harness' plug broke. the plug is still usable but some of the wires were dislodged from the plug.

So heres what i need: can someone PLEASE please please take a picture of a plug with the rubber boot pulled back and at an angle so i can see which wires to put back into which slots. If someone would like to go the extra mile and actually give me the color wires and their location in the connector that would be phenomenal.
The wires that became dislodged are the following colors:
(light green/Red)
**the first color is main color of the wire

Ive attached a picture of the connector so you can kinda see what i mean by an angle and what not:

Thank You very much for your help!!!!!
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