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Almost Lost It

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Heading to work this morning and went around a bus. When I did there was a red light right ahead with a couple cars already stopped. I slammed on the brakes pretty hard, front and back. The back end waved left and right so I let off the brakes and reapplied. Scary stuff, its my first bike and its new, im taking it in today for the 600 mile service and a new exhaust.
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if your back tire is swerving left and right you shouldnt let off the rear brake or you will potentially highside if the rear brake catches the wrong line.

as someone mentioned if your rear brake is locked up in a straight line you may be able to get away with reapplying the brake. but swerving left and right ? dont think so.

in terms of weight i think you'd want to keep your weight back so you can use more front brake without doing a nose stand.

just going by the laws of physics. anyone care to elaborate?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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