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Selling this gear saddens me. All prices are + shipping.

Ive got a new Harley to dump $$$ into so REASONABLE offers will be considered.

Everything is structurally sound from the body to the stitching. Cant say the same about the knee pucks:banger:

I say that like Im a bada$$ but they've still got 90% life on them.

This gear (except the knockoff gloves) was used for 3 track days. 2 at JenningsGP and one at Barber.

I did have a slow low side at Barber in turn 4.:retard::banghead:

There is a scuff on the left labeling of the sleeve on the jacket.

The vest is in EXCELLENT condition.

Alpinestars Bionic SP Vest Size Large- $140
9/10 just because Ive worn it.

Sidi Vertigo Boots Size US 13- $175
7/10 Ive scuffed the skid parts on them and they're white so they show EVERYTHING.

AGV Sport Laguna Leather Jacket Size 46- $250
8/10 due to stated above.

AGV Sport Willow Leather Pants Size 34 (9/10)- $150
9/10 because they're used by me.

As a 2-piece suit (would prefer this)- $350

Im 6'1", 200lbs, athletic build. This suit fit me just right.

Knockoff FAKE Alpinestars GP Pro Gloves- $30
6/10 They're fakes and I wore them a lot before I switched to track. They're in surprisingly good shape though. I have different, much better gloves.


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End of weekend bump!

Papa needs more Harley parts!

I KNOW someone needs some gear.

Lets help each other out.
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