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I've been lurking these forums for a long time, and they've helped a TON! I just want to say thank you!

Okay, so my bike, it's a 2006 with 26,000 now, I've owned it for about 3-4k miles.

The problem I have is as follows:
At higher RPMS about 10k+ the bike just has NO power.
When I'm on the freeway and cruising around 7-8k and pull the throttle, the bike takes a second for the power to kick in, then I feel it all kick in hard, and once I hit about 10K+ it just falls on its face and feel all the torque just fall off. (MPH still climbs SLOWLY though).
Below that, the bike seems "ok", it'll get up to speed and everything, although I've noticed that when I try to rev match downshift sometimes it'll lag and the RPMS will not blip up quick enough for a smooth shift.
The bike will still accelerate at these higher RPMS but it is extremely slow to pick up, and I really have to pin it and hold it to go past 12k.
also, while in neutral if you give it some revs you can hear it's not smooth, it kinda flutters and sounds almost like a strange misfire. (check below, already verified spark)

I've ridden the bike like this for about 2-3,000 miles, the issue doesn't really bother me since I'm usually commuting/lane splitting.

What's really odd is that this issue started after I installed my passenger pegs and rode around with my girlfriend on the back, It probably has nothing to do with the issue, It's just weird it happened right after.

-I have checked all the fuses, relays, gone though lots of gas, used fuel injector cleaner, taken off the fairings tons of times and checked connections.
-verified there's spark coming from all the coils and all the coil connectors.
-It's been raining a lot lately, could this be an issue? I noticed the bike has an aftermarket gas cap that has no gasket ( I ordered a new one ).
-Also, a while back my battery died because I left the key on. I jumped it with a large jumper meant for cars. (idk if that's even relevant).
-I did check it with a multimeter while running, and it hovers around 13.8-14v or so.
-I already changed my spark plugs, and air filter, same problem. I raised my idle up a little (1,400-1,500rpm) , and that helped my bike run better at lower rpms.
-also, my kickstand sensor doesn't work, bike will turn on regardless if it's up or down, and won't turn off if you kick it down.

I'm thinking of changing the fuel pump next, although I do hear the pump prime every single time I start the bike.
Are those cheap $20 fuel pump motors on ebay/amazon worth it? is it hard to change just the fuel pump motor and not the whole assembly?

Also, maybe trying to bypass the BAS sensor?

I'm an automotive tech, so I know my way around engines and stuff, I'm just not too familiar with motorcycles.

Someone suggested the throttle position sensor, but my TPS has some round screws with no head, so I can't remove it.

I just wanna feel that POWER again. Haha.

Thanks guys.
It's late, sorry for typos and horrible punctuation. I'm tired and frustrated.

The bike has a Yoshimura exhaust on it (no headers) and an aftermarket air filter, (it's red, not sure the brand).
I bought it like this, idk if relevant, no power commander.

Also, does a powercommander give you the option to see different values the ECU puts out?
throttle position, fuel values, etc?

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Sounds like a fuel delivery problem.

The bank angle sensor has nothing to do with it, niether does your passenger or the rain.

Can't say about those eBay pumps; a used OEM pump might be the safer option...

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I kinda have an update.
On the freeway if I pin the throttle 100% back the bike will go up to about 10-11k RPMS and stop, but if I slightly let go, maybe like 95% throttle, the bike will reach the 14k+ mark and the rev light will shine.

Any ideas?
TPS sensor?
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