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Just a quick hello from over the pond in the uk :ciao: Less talk more pic.

I had this

Then somebody pulled out in front of me and did this

and this :D

and now I ride this :D

Usual mods are being done, Tail tidy, smaller indicators, seat cowl, levers and an exhaust And I love it :D

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welcome to .net my friend

thats some crazy breakage but glad to see u back on 2 wheels!

happy to hear you riding again. enjoy the rr!

*** wishing safety to all the riders out there ***
damn dude, that is seriously bad news on your leg (arm?) but I'm glad you're back on the bike.

good post. throw another picture when you get the mods done.
Welcome bro.. That must have hurt.. Glad you're good and ridding again. Be safe now.!!
cheers for the welcome fella's. Tbh Actually doing it didnt hurt at all, having it pushed and pulled back in place now that kinda hurt. It's my right leg btw. And the guy who pulled out in front of me was banned for 6months and fined. Bit of a poor effort considering I couldn't walk for 4 months.

I'll get some more pics up as soon as I get chance. Tail tidy and smaller indicators were fitted today and a DB darktint screen alongwith every sticker removed :D
welcome to the forum mate from a fellow UK rider.
glad to see your back on 2 wheels
that was a nasty break! I must say though, they did one hell of a job fixing it.
welcome to teh site!! look like you got excaliber in your leg!!! glad you get to get back on!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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