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Altercation with trucker, he gets out, I clinch fists...

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So I'm going through the lincoln tunnel this morning, and a trucker behind me thinks I'm going to slow... I guess 3 car lenghts in front of me, and a steady 20mph is too slow. If i speed up, i'll only tailgate the car in front of me, and still be traveling at 20mph-- duh.

So, i decide to have some fun with him, i opend up the distance to about 15 car lenghts, then he really got pissed, honked horn, tailgated me, so i hit the gas. I was gone, then he cought up to me and we did a steady 20mph while we exited the tunnel. -- duh times 2.

At the next light, he gets out of this truck :shock:

We exchange words, and after a few "Make a move and I'll F*K you up" from me to him, he backed down. (phew)

I admit, it pushed his buttons. I'm not a tough guy, but it was fun playing one for a few seconds. Clinching my kevlar knuckeld gloves in a gladiator fashion is fun, you guys should try it one day. I should have gone buck wild, hitting my helmet, banging my fist against my chest, grabbing my nuts... but all that came to me here while typing this :???:

Next time, i'll probably get shot, hit with a baseball bat, or just plain fk'up by a dude that can really fight... so my goal is to no have a next time.

Thanks for listening.

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Damn man....I know that feeling, but remember you're only on a bike. Road rage is for real; be careful with idiots like that.
Dude, that's a daily occurence for me here in Taiwan...the only thing here is that Taiwanese people don't even put up a fight...only the taxi drivers are occasionally nuts!
I will have to remember that "buck wild" sh*t. I'm cracking up just picturing it. :D

Glad it didnt come to blows though, you never know what some crazy ass mofo is going to do. Props to you for keeping you cool.

I always wondered how bad you could mess someone up with those types of gloves.
I commend you take a stand, but sometimes you just gotta let it go. Some of these motorists do not have any sense of humor, so you better off yield and live to ride another day. Some people I ride with would go crazy like kicking doors of the car which just cut them off in traffic. You can cus them out all you want, but between your helmet and your exhaust, all they see is your head knodding and finger pointing. I can't wait til someone modify our led tail light so when you hit a button, it blinks a BIG "F*ck U." :lol2:
Well, it was really him that was being the tough ass, tailgating you and trying to force you to speed up, so F him!
Yeah I got in a fight with a Grey Hound bus once. First the F#*ker cut me off and after I got back in front of him he rode my ass, I mean all I could see was a huge ass grill. When we got to a stop light I started pounding on his door and he wouldn'd even look at me!! So I just memorized his bus # and called in and made a complaint. I'm sure nothing happened as a result but at least I tryed.
Glad you are ok. ******* beotch here was RIGHT on my rear tire for about 1 mile and I couldn't do shat about it. Then she passed and forced me off the road. SHE was waiting at the light to yell at me "Why were you going so slow?"

...the school bus in front of me.. Same deal, all I could do was get closer to the schoolbus, how would that help?

Remember kids, most people are stupid. Be safe.
You should try to hug him. That'd be far better comedy.
A guy in Chicago just got shot on thursday right outside Wrigley field. They guy was walking to a nearby bar and an SUV was driving fast, so the guy tapped the SUV with his mini cubs bat. They started fighting and the passenger from the SUV got out and shot him. You never know how fuked up the guy is in the car. Is it worth it?
Glad nothing serious happened... you gotta becareful these days about who you pick a fight with. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you started this, I mean, he's the one that was tailgating and got out of his truck, but you do have to becareful and know when to let things go.
good story, lesson learned, becareful

and the guy from chicago shoud NEVER have touched someone else car, if anything get a liscence number :shock:
So, you thought you might have done something stupid, realized what it was, concluded what you should do next time, and punished yourself already.
Really, there is nothing else to say. :D :bitchslap: :D
you should have headbutted him, then hit him with a flying two footed kick. :twisted:
this just goes to re-enforce my gripps about how messed up licensing system is. they'll let anybody on the road... i was head'n out of town one day and this college chick was tailgating me the whole way. we're talk'n half a bike lengths away... all i could think about was you stupid [email protected] all i have to do is tape my breaks and both of us would be in a world of hurt. i just don't get cagers sometimes... :scratch:

RelfF2 said:
you should have headbutted him, then hit him with a flying two footed kick.
:lol: yeah, pull a yates on his ass... LOL...


hey i'll be headn' up your way in a couple of weeks... my parent's, my girl, and I are going to visit the fam. maybe i'll see you around, you know since taiwan's such a huge island and all... :lol2: how far is Taichung from Taipei? We're probably be in Miaoli for a couple of days since my mom's family lives there...
wow .. i am surpise he didn't follow you after in his truck and hit you with it.. ahhahah.. but don't it easy with road rage especially with a bike.. There is really nothing you can do but avoid it and let it go. I remember last year. I was on my bike and I remember I was trying to jump start it by going up a hill and popping the clutch in 2nd second. Here I was walking my bike up a hill when I see this Mercedes Suv making a sharrrrpp left turn at me.. with the bike in my hand I was like WTF, should I drop this and hit the floor. But I held on to it.. ahhaha , anyways the dude was pissed at some kid. The kid was running from the mercedes. So the kid shouted out, I am gonna **** you up **** head. And I was like what the hell, here i was with the bike in my hand.. and I was in the middle of it all. The kid was shouting from the side walk starting to approach the italian dude in the mercedes SUV. Then all of a sudden the dude in the suv pulled out a knife outta his seat.. I was like wtf!!! and still I am just standing there with the bike in my hands.. The loud mouth kid starts to scream "ohh **** he has aknife.." and took off like a bat outta hell on feet... I was like uh oh.. but the dude got back in to his suv and went his way.. it was a pretty quite street too.. and yes.. if your wondering.. i was able to push itup a hill and come down and start my bike. there was only a hill around where i was stuck..
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mule-madness said:
all i have to do is tape my breaks and both of us would be in a world of hurt. i just don't get cagers sometimes...
i don't think it would be the both of u.. it will just be YOU that will be in a world of hurt.. the cager will make it out fine..
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