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American Modern Insurance Company

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Im not sure exactly what states American Modern Insurance Company is in.. But if you are shopping around for insurance.. ask about them.. they have pretty good rates. I originally had my insurance through Progressive and Progressive wanted $1,340.00 for a one year policy which was full coverage (comp/collision/liability).. I got the same exact coverage through American Modern Insurance Company for $840 for an entire year. A $500 savings..

So just to let you guys know.. that is an option to look into. My insurance guy told me they have much better rates than most of the insurance companies out there..So just a heads up to look for them for you guys out there looking for a better rate..
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I have the same one, but mine is a little higher. But if your bike gets stolen (hopefully not) they are pretty prompt about everything.
nice.. what do you pay a year through them?? also how old are you and your driving history..

I'm 23.. have no tickets or accidents.."knock on wood".. and i live in a very rural area.
Watch out w/ American Mod------They have a tendency to jump out of markets!

Chaz... what do you mean by "jump out of markets"
American Mod will insure an industry, then after several bad claims they no longer sell insurance to that market--I have a bad taste in my mouth with them over Property (commercial) liability. Futhermore, We had a claim with them several years ago and due to their ineptness--an adjuster never made the insp, claimant went to court and won (american mod did pay) only myself and my partner had a a frivilous judgement entered against us as property owners which was a nightmare to resolve thanks to Am Mod.

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