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So I have many posts on the Dead battery or regulator trying fix my 03's charging system. Honda told me direct to fix this problem would be to replace the entire charging system.

So I found a wrecked 06 on this lovely site with all the parts I need.
-Regulator w/ bracket

Everything matched up when I contacted a parts department EXCEPT the flywheel. He said that it changed in 04, but he said it could be a different color or some sort of change that didnt effect the mounting of the flywheel.

So does anyone know that this will fit on my 03? Thanks very much in advance!

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3855517-001 flywheel for an 05...
3855516-001 flywheel for an 03...
The rest of the parts are all the same...
3833275-001 for the casing for an 03...
3833276-001 for the casing for an 05...

There must be some small differences, i would wait it out and get the write part because this may not go as cleanly as you like. If the 05 one was bigger in wouldn't mount properly... if it was smaller it might mount properly. They also changed the casings for both years which means there is a significant difference between the two. Hope this helps at all haha
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