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And Nicky gets lucky again...

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Nicky was not lucky after all
Nemesis said:
What did I tell you! A hole the size of a spoon on his knee, not to mention broken toes, and he still out performs his teammate....hahahaha!!! That's my boy!!! Truly a champion!
RUbbing it in :01_bitchs thats ok it aint over yet
vizsladog44 said:
He wont after 2 more races.

Hayden OWNED by Pedrosa who was in so much pain he didnt even make it to the press conference. Thats a true champion. Hayden was healthty right???

Wonder what Hyden will be riding next year??
As usual HRC will let him go i speculate if YamaRossi lets Edwards go
they might sign Nicky
ms8367 said:
the man definitely has pressure on him to win....everyone is waiting to see if he will take the championship from rossi, he's got pedrosa that's amazingly good and it's his 1st year, and hrc will probably drop him next year if he doesn't win and sign some 18 year old the way they're going.
Even if hayden wins the championship HRC / Repsol might still let him go
Repsol ( Spanish CO ) Pedrosa ( Spanish ) no need to say any more
G.Irish said:
That is nonsense. Last I checked Pedrosa is ONE rider on a two rider team. Why the hell would Pedrosa's nationality have anything to do with Hayden staying on the team? Not to mention the fact there isn't another Spanish rider who is available that is good enough for that seat.

People keep repeating the conspiracy that Dani is on the Repsol team because he is Spanish. That is complete ********. He is on the team because he is the best rider to come out of 250cc since Rossi. His results this year have proven just that.

Straight up, HRC is not going to take any crap from any sponsor on who is going to ride their bikes. Lest we forget, Honda showed 2 sponsors the door last season because the sponsors didn't agree with Honda's choices on riders. Does anybody honestly think Honda is beholden to sponsor demands on the factory Honda team? Honda spends metric tons of money on Moto GP, why the hell should they listen to some pencil neck petrol people who are comparatively spending peanuts on sponsor money?
Honda cares and want Nicky to win the championship why is his bike
being altered and making him test all these parts you would think he would get the 05 model that Pedrosa is riding a bike that Nicky rode last year and helped develop

Today's race is proof how come Nicky's bike was slow as **** compared
to Pedrosa's bike please enlight me
i agree with evreything you said bro but others do not
and never will i just hope Nicky proves evreybody wrong
1 - 6 of 133 Posts
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