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hi guys

Im new to 600rr dot net.i know there is alot of post about this problem,but i just cant find a good anwser.

i have a 03.and ive been having problem to start my bike when it is i tought it was the i changed it.but its still doing the same thing.i try the charging voltage inspection (bike hot,5000rpm,blabla bla)im reading 14.1.did also a reading on the rectifier and the charging coil everything seems just find.did everything in the service manual.

when i try to start it when its hot ,it just sounds like the starter does a turn or two and everything stops.after that i try to charge the battery againg still the same.could it be the starter or rectifier??? im a litle lost here!!!!

i dont have any mods on my bike exept a tail light.any help would be appreciate.sorry about my english. thanks

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usually when you wait a few min for the bike to cool off
the bike will start fine so try that next time specailly when
the fan was just running to cool the bike off the fan sucks
a lot of battery juice .

IE i always suggest to members to shut their high beam off as
soon as the fan comes on (220 F or so ) if you are at a red light
why the bike might shut off as soon as you try to get going

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Have you checked your ground wire bolted to the frame and your battery cable? Make sure they're not corroded. The main ground is on the left side of the bike after you remove the mid fairing. Take your cables off and clean them with some fine grit sandpaper. Sand down the frame as well. When's the last time the battery was load tested? Even though you said it's a new battery they can still go bad. You might want to have it checked if you haven't.
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