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Another n00b, first impressions...

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Hey guys.

Another n00bie, just got mine last Saturday, and I've put about 200 miles on it in 2 days =D. Been working on getting this for a while, so I've been grinning ear to ear ever since.

Just to give you an idea of my little bit of experience, I used to ride around on a Yamaha YSR50 when I was a teen. I took the MSF course a few months ago, mostly because of recommendations from boards like this and

It was fun, and terribly informative, and I quickly picked up what little skill I once had. The emergency stops and swerve exercises in particular made me much more confident. Not to sound like a broken record, but anyone who hasn't taken it could probably benefit from the MSF course.

But back to the RR.. It took a day's worth of riding for me to get comfortable with the position. Putting around on a Rebel doesn't really translate to sitting on the RR =D. The engine is a little soft down low, like any inline 4 this small I suppose, and it took me a bit to learn how to control the throttle.

Now that I've had some seat time I'm even more excited =D. Can't wait to hit that 600 mile tuneup, and I'm hoping to beat the guy who sold me the bike to it (he just got a 2004 model, in blue, what a beaut!).

I've seen the threads naysaying this as a first timer bike. No doubt it isn't a good one, but what can I say, I love it =). I plan to be riding motorcycles for many, many years from now, so I'm doing what I can to be safe. Got my leather jacket and boots and helmet and gloves, and suitable leg protection soon...

I'll see the FL riders for daytona come spring!
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The pics are still on my friend's computer, but yea, just imagine a stock yellow 03 RR with my fat ass sitting on it =).

I made the dealer throw in the Icon Neo Daytona jacket with my bike, so picture that too =).

While I didn't elaborate earlier, I have to agree this is a hell of a bike for a newbie. It is definitely about RESPECT, regardless of experience, and I've certainly been taking it easy. nj600rr, you hit the nail on the head! I look forward to many tomorrows! (and many honeys, man what a sexy bike!)

As far as break-in, the dealer just said to not rev over 7 grand or so, vary the speed, shift through all the gears, and bring it in for the 600 mile service/oil change. I've seen the mototune page on breakin, too, so I've been ripping it occasionally and engine braking as hard as I can occasionally. Getting light smoke when she's cold in the morning, but it quickly goes away.
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