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Greetings from Japan.

I’ve owned a track preped 2004 CBR600RR for about a year and a half now. When I got it I was told it is a HRC bike. And, having done some work on it, it does appear to have quite a few HRC parts. I purchased it from an American who had purchased it from an American who had purchased it from a Japanese guy. The first American owner told me it came with a bunch of paperwork (which was lost, apparently) and he thought it was a factory HRC bike. Not sure if that is true as I have no documentation and I don’t even know if they made factory HRC bikes that year or if they just offered the parts aftermarket. Either way, she is a strong runner. What I know, so far.

Front fork springs have been upgraded.
Rear shock appears to be similar to the Showa stock unit but has 9 preload adjustment levels and the spring is probably more stiff than stock.
Lower HRC radiator is present.
No radiator fan present.
No key ignition, just Run, Off, Start (kill) switch present.
Some of the cooling system hoses have been blocked off (runs in the mid-70s Celcius on the track)

If there are any HRC gurus in the group, I would love to pick your brain. I’ve seen comments about differing maintenance intervals based on work done. Since I don’t know what work was done its a bit of a craps shoot.


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