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Just looking for specific input can't find much for people's bikes that have been doing the exact same thing.

Bike rolls over and over and kicks a couple times like it wants to start but won't start, it's been sitting since the start of winter in a non heated garage, I crossed the drop sensor, unplugged the kickstand and checked the nutral sensor, fuel pump primes everytime I turn killswitch on and off so the killswitch isn't the issue, tried jump starting it pushing it down a hill but no good. Charged battery up fully and no go

Smells like fuel when rolling over so I'm thinking my plugs might be shot but only 11000 miles, prev owner said it might of been running rich from the power commander end of last season which makes me think new plugs might get it going then I'll have to get it re tuned, anyone have any other ideas? Also going to switch the fuel while I have the tank off but so far done everything in sticky.


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