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Anyone here ever try buying, fixing and flipping motorcycles for profit?

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I've been needing a way to 'exit the matrix' & detach from the 'beast system' while still being able to earn an honest living...

And this option is looking pretty appealing after my recent (successful) rebuild experience.

I've been an industrial electrician most of my life. (18 years) But I'm kinda over it. LoL.

I'm over making other people rich. I'm over being a debt slave & paying unconstitutional income taxes to a privately owned for profit corporation...

I'm basically over all of that... And I realized a lot of people sell **** cheap because they can't, or don't want to fix it themselves.

For eg... I'm pretty sure I could turn this 馃憞
Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive tire

Plus this 馃憞 (worst case scenario) or possibly even much cheaper (my whole rebuild was $400-ish)
Product Automotive tire Font Motor vehicle Gas

Maybe not quite into this 馃憞
Font Terrestrial plant Brand Screenshot Logo

But they do seem to go for $5k all day long...

Which sounds like an easy $2k profit while working for myself, from home...

But I just came up with this idea last week...

Not sure yet how consistent the available supply would be.. or the best places to find 'mechanics specials' deals..

But bikes are so much easier than cars to work on.

just wondering if anyone else has tried this? And how it went?
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Selling bikes on a salvage title is sometimes a PITA.

Location will be critical to the success of your effort.

Build a reputation.

FWIW, skilled electrical diagnosis and repair is a core skill to making modern motos work right.

High performance/specialty marques repair are a niche market that offers opportunity if you can build a rep.

Maybe connect with local moto mechanic shops and offer to do their moto related electrical work?

A knowledgeable and large group of customers who understand you do quality work will help keep things going.

Marketing is always a challenge.

PS....for example, there's no "bring it to me and I'll make it a working/better bike" mechanics advertising OTF at the moment, AFIK.

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OP, that's an amazing incarceration saga.

You're the first person I've read of who actually tried the "Anna Von Reitz" stuff I've read about.

"WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC 1.308" ....very interesting.

Good for you for guarding your daughters welfare.

Also, that takes an incredible amount of conviction to try this with the PTB.......

"Mucho huevos, Amigo!"

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Beg pardon...that s/b "You're on to some truths".

Hope you can reconnect w/your kids, but don't get in trouble!

You where astoundingly fortunate to avoid the meatgrinder in your above posts....

Be discreet and prosper.

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