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Anyone interested in a tear off install how to???

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I did this on another forum a couple years ago..

This is how to install them the right way

here is what you will need.The tear offs i'm using are the ones the Arai sponsored riders get

Step one:

put the tear off on the shield and fold the pull tab foward.

Step 2:

Cut off pull tab hole (they frey in the wind if you don't)

Step 3:

Cut a peice of tape and fold/place on spot you cut off

Step 4:

Cut bottom part of tab at angle then tuck it under the tear off post (you will see why in a sec)

Step 5:

Put next tear off on sheild

Step 6:

Cut off pull tab hole and put on your folded tape.

You are all done. When you pull the top one the wind catches the one cut at an angle and pops it out so you can pull it off..

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