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Anyone know where these parts go in?

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I recieved the parts I ordered for my rear fender and got it all put together except...I have two leftover parts that seem to go nowhere (a screw and collar). Here is the diagram of the rear fender it is number #24 and #25 on the picture
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not sure what that goes to. I have a different type of back piece like that. Possible extras?? could be for a modified model or something. If everything is secured i wouldnt worry too much about them
24 is a collar to use with no 25 in case the rear fender is too close to the tire
as that slevve will raise the rear fender slightly and you can use such bolt in
the center hole for the rear fender and you do not have to use them Honda
sells an extra bolt with rear fenders which is cool that bolt will come handy
some day its a common size on the RR
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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