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Arrow Indy Race slip on 09 Grn/Blk

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Well, did this a while back, but hadn't got around to putting up pics. System is an Arrow Indy Race Ti slip on with CF tip, and the SS mid pipe. First pic is what was in the box, 2nd pic is the installation once it was put together. Third pic is with the tail back assembled, stock heat shield in and the silencer still in, but I didn't like those side fins covering up the exhaust. Last pic is with the fins off, silencer out, and heat shield off.

Ok, so here's the story. I wanted a slip on system that would still let me add a header later if I wanted to. I wanted something that looked pretty good, so I was leaning towards the Akra or Arrow systems. Ended up getting a fairly good deal on the Arrow through Superbike Toystore. I had a local vendor that could get it cheaper than they list on their website, so I called them and told them if they would price match it, then I would buy it. They did, and told me I would have it by the end of the week. End of the week comes around, and no exhaust. I call them, they tell me there was a delay in shipping, and I'll have it next week. Next week goes by, no exhaust. I call again, and am told that they went direct through the Arrow vendor (meaning STS never actually had it), and the vendor says it's been shipped. 2 more weeks go by, and nothing. I call them again, and they tell me that it had to be ordered straight from Italy.... anyway, a month an a half of waiting ad missed deadlines (and cancellation threates) and I get my exhaust.

Installation wasn't bad, exhaust sounds great with the silencer out (very quiet with it in). It's good to have a removable silencer though since I can go back to quiet if I want to (it comes with all the paperwork showing it's EPA compliant with the silencer in). I had to remove the stock heat shield to get it to line up right, but there hasn't been an issue there. All in all, I'm happy with it, and am considering adding a header and fuel management after my upcoming Iraq deployment. No issues with fueling with the slip on anywhere in the revs.

And yes, my stock tail looks hideous, I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it. Haven't made up my mind yet. Questions?


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Wow, what an ordeal in ordering. It looks great though.
If you were looking from the top of the tail section straight down to the road, how far beyond the tail section does can stick out?
And when can we expect a video and sound clip? :burnout:
Well, here's a pic from the side so you can see that it doesn't even extend past the stock brake light. From the top it's approximately 1 and a quarter inch past the tail. I also put a CRG adjustable clutch lever on there because I couldn't figure out why the stock lever was not adjustable, and a Puig screen. And if anyone likes Japanese cars as much as Japanese bikes, that's my Evo VIII MR Edition hiding out in the background. What can I say, I'm a sucker for fast inline fours from the land of the rising sun. As for the vid, I'll have to get on that soon, but my mother in law is taking a nap upstairs and my wife would probably stab me if I started revving up in the garage. Here's a vid of me using my work vehicles though in the meantime (I command a tank for a day job):


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Excellent vid. Never wake the Mother-In-Law!
Well, unfortunately I wasn't able to get a sound clip posted before I got shipped off to Iraq again, so maybe next year or when I'm on leave. Sorry man. It does sound good though, and i really like the look.
Stay safe out there man. :)
We can wait for the sound clip man, stay safe over there.
ur bike and my bike look the same.. i have mine arrow on too without DB... i am still saving up to get the header so it will be a full system soon...
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