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Arrow ten kate TI system HELP

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Hi AGAIN folks... I am in the process of fitting my ten kate arrow system but the 4th header looks to be too close to the coolant reservoir (2-3mm gap) does anyone know if there is a replacement (i.e HRC bottle) available?

thanks for your assistance:ciao:
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not sure if there's an "HRC" reservoir available.

i think mine's pretty close to the arrows too and it's been OK

you can always just move the bracket around a lil to give you a lil bit more clearance.
ok thanks, i will investigate a bit further. cant believe how loud this system is. i will post up a fly by when i get all the goodies fitted next week
ya pics and a sound clip would be sweet!!! not sure about a replacement bottle though, if you wanted you can get stick on head shielding and put it on the bottle, that will deflect the heat away from it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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