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Alright, my friend and I got the headlight done today. I ended up using an "off road racing headlight" from a $14 kit from Walmart. My friend did damn near all of the work (I'm electronically retarded) and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the turn out. The kit came with an on/off switch, so I can turn the light on and off as I please (just gotta remember to turn it on and off durring the day). I gotta put some risers under the mount tomorrow to raise how the light sits in the hole, but it's pretty damn bright for being so small.

Tomorrow we're going to pick up some red LED's for the tail light and get cracking. Hopefully I'll have the bike street legal again by mid to late next week, and damn is it gunna feel good to ride.

My mom's thinking about getting a smaller digi-cam, so I'm gunna see if she'll send her current one down here with my lisence plate, signals, tires, and street gear. I should hopefully have pictures of the set up by next week.

I'm pretty impressed with how it's turned out so far, and hopefully it will continue this way.

...but it brings me to ask...

Does anyone with the service manual want to tell me what colored wires are what on the break light harness?
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