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ATTN: Those with GPR Exhausts

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Did anyone else have trouble getting the can centered? This is as good as I could get it...

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mine kind of looks that way too where it's straight, but shifted to the right side. i don't have my tail cowl back on yet. what i plan to do is mess with the fitting at the midpipe and/or twisting the midpipe around until it straightens up. i also am going to try and mount the can bracket on the other side of the bolt and see if that helps.
Yeah I tried shifting around those pieces, nothing seemed to help. I can get the tip of the pipe more toward the center, but then it comes out at an angle.
I dunno, it looks like it's angled. Look at the picture that's looking straight down on the tail. You can tell that the right side of the pipe sticks out more than the left. Still looks better than mine, though. Maybe that's why they were so cheap, lol! Oh well, for $150 I can't complain too much. Besides it sounds AWESOME!!!
straighten it out at the center would be my opinion if u cant do antyhing about it. quite a good amount of pipes are crooked for 03-04 RR's. my jardine's pretty straight though. i know 2bros is pretty crooked.
sucks you cant get it centered but it looks like a sweet system
ok i put on my tail cowl and it looks pretty straight looking from the back. i'll get some pics and post them up when i can. fyi i have the full gpr exhaust on a 2004 RR.
mine is crooked as well no matter how much i play with the midpipes, you just have to live with it guys unless you have a FS and for $150 (slip-on) you have no right to complain as i paid $600 equivalent with my SO. be happy you got a quality exhaust underneath your rear cowl, it could've been worse as you might have gotten a Yoshi RS5 aluminum or stainless SO (no offense to Yoshi users here in the forum). LOL
Yeah, I just have the slip on. I guess the mid pipes on the full system end at a different spot. Oh well, like you said, for $150 I can't complain too much. Just wondered if it could be centered and I was just doing something wrong!
My yosh isn't crooked. That's one of the reasons i picked it, because after looking at other cans that were crooked, even on the manufacturers sites, i liked the fact that they could get it straight. I don't know why people say Yoshi is so bad, I haven't had any problems with fit or quality and it sounds and looks great to me.
Yeah mine turns at an angle too. I can straighten it out but after riding for a while it goes back to being angled. I dont care though.....I love the new power with the pc3 and exhaust!!!
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