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I included this review in another thread about my mods. I thought I'd make this thread so people could find it easy in a search.

Auctmarts fairing review:

$509 shipped to my door

- They will do anything you want if you send pictures of it.

6 weeks

- a few minor defects like top corner of windscreen where there is no white, but clear.
- a couple of small fisheyes
- a couple of light scratches that polished out
- clearcoat over all stickers
- overall I'd give it a B+.

- Black abs pieces were sub-par and very light black. I used all the stock Honda flat black pieces except one on each mid/upper fairing because their screw holes were "off" the factory black pieces [their black pieces worked fine here].
- I had to drill excess plastic out of a few holes and razor blade a few tab slots.
- I can't get the upper fairings to stay clipped into the front fairing. I have to figure something out there.
- overall I'd give it a B.

- First of all, China is 12 hours ahead of EST, so they're sleeping when we're awake and vice versa.
- They would not repair or replace defective paintwork after my request.
- They offered me $50 or a set of junk adjustable levers.
- I said I wanted $100 if they wouldn't repair or replace.
- They offered me $70.
- I said I wanted $100 and was tired of bargaining.
- They offered me $80.
- I said give me $80 and the smoked windscreen that you forgot to send.
- They agreed.
- I'd rate their English a B+.
- I'd rate their conflict resolution a C.

They arrived well-packed with bubble wrap and foam sheeting.

I'll get close-ups of imperfections soon.
Here's a few quick ones after first ride tonight...


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nice negotiating skillz! i'll probably order a set soon. do they sell seperate pieces or just full sets?

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Since the bike is up for sale... I'm posting more pics for the doubters.

- There is nothing to hide.
- One paint chip on left side of tank fairing where it meets the left upper.
- 3M tape holding uppers to bottom of headlights. I've been well over 100mph and they haven't moved.
- Notice all the fairing bolts are right in the center of the indents.


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Your fitment actually looks a lot better than mine, other than the front fairing. I have trouble just trying to keep my tank clipped to the side fairings.

This my 2nd set from them. Fitment was better for my 06 than 07-08 IMO.
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