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Just a little review of Auctmarts' customer service:

After contacting them on here via PM and getting no reply, I contacted them directly via their website. Response was gratifyingly quick, and I specified that I wanted fiberglass race fairings for my 09 in one of their OEM schemes.

After agreeing to price, I paid on 12/17/11. Two days later, I get an email stating that they will not be making race fairings until April. I, of course, state that will not be acceptable and to refund my money please. They come back with a "when do I need them by?".

I replied that I would need them no later than February 3rd so that I could fit them for a track day the following weekend. They said "No problem."

Fast forward to last Thursday. I emailed them to check status and perhaps get a shipping number. Instead, this morning I received an email that said:

We are sorry to inform you that we are going to have a new product line of race fairing, which is 100USD extra for the race kit. Please let us know if you want to upgrade to that, or we need to give you full refund.


Thats all. I asked for a refund. I know that some people have had good experiences with them, and some poor. Just wanted to add another review to the pile. Guess I'll buy another set of optimals. Disco, you out there?
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