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Looks like it took so long for my fairings to get here that my edit privileges expired on the original thread, hah. Anyway, I finally received them and got them installed, so here's my complete review.

From the previous thread:
"I haven't seen a recent review for Auctmarts on here in awhile, so I'm going to post this thread and update it as my experience progresses. Auctmarts is a motorcycle parts vendor located in China that specializes in aftermarket injection molded fairings -- which is what I purchased. I promise to keep this review honest (i.e. no pandering to the vendor for free stuff). To be clear, I purchased from their actual site, not their ebay account."

Before pic:


May 6th 2019 (4:13 PM PST)
Order placed at (Order # 100009261)

May 6th 2019 (8:13 PM PST)
Money request received for optional shipping insurance - $25 (Paid)

May 9th 2019 (1:35 PM PST)
Email sent requesting the pillion seat cowl be plain white without decals

May 10th 2019 (3:33 AM PST)
Response stating this can be done with a picture attached for me to confirm

May 21st 2019 (9:19 AM PST)
Email sent to Auctmarts touching base

May 21st 2019 (9:56 PM PST)
Response stating 2 weeks to finish the fairing kit

May 30th 2019 (4:10 PM PST)
Email sent to confirm that everything would be ready for shipping next week

June 3rd 2019 (3:11 AM PST)
Response stating another week longer will be needed

June 13th 2019 (4:03 AM PST)
Email received with photo of finished fairings

June 24th 2019 (12:04 PM PST)
USPS attempted delivery of my fairings, but I was at work :(

June 25th 2019 (4:00 PM PST)
Picked up my fairings from the post office. Every day I'll spend time after work getting the installed. (pic 1, pic 2)

June 28th 2019 (8:00 PM PST)
Finally finished!

(subjective; based on my own expectations)

Ease of purchase: 10/10
Communication: 7/10
Turnaround: 4/10
Packaging: 10/10
Fit Quality: 8.5/10
Paint Quality: 9/10

Ratings Explained:

Ease of purchase: Nothing to it. The site is well laid out, and they take paypal. EZ PZ.

Communication: They are actually very responsive. I always got replies within a day or two. The only reason for the reduced points is because the messages were very brief and not too informative.

Turnaround: I was hoping for the 3-4 weeks I was hearing about in other reviews. A month and a half was too long. Best case is to order from them if you're not in a hurry.

Packaging: Everything was actually very well packed. Each part was individually wrapped. No damage to anything.

Fit Quality: This is a bit of a two parter. I did not have to flex things a whole lot to make them fit, but the reduced points are for the connecting edges. There was a good amount of residual plastic from the molding that I had to shave off with a razor blade / dremel. This added quite a bit of time to the assembly. The lower fairings particularly required a bit of work to make fit together well (pic 1, pic 2)

Paint Quality: Wow! The paint looks amazing! And the decals are indiscernible from OEM (which was a big concern of mine). There are some imperfections, like some dirt that was painted over with clearcoat (there was also a blemish on the tank cover unfortunately), but aside from those few issues... holy cow, I love how the colors turned out.

Overall I would absolutely buy from Auctmarts again, even though today is now damn near two months since I pressed the order button. Total install time was around 15 hours -- kind of a long time. I think most of that was trimming jagged edges and making holes a bit bigger (I was determined to make all of the OEM fasteners fit). I also painted the ram-air intake cowl, changed my air filter, and did my spark plugs.. which was a surprisingly difficult job compared to my old Ninja 650R. I think it would be a lot faster if I had to do it a second time. The biggest things I'm impressed with is the fit (the whole not having to flex things much), and the paint. Did I say they did a good job there yet? I'll show you guys what I'm talking about below.

After pics:


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I want to bring up something I neglected in the first post: Overspray

There's some here and there, and it's mostly no big deal. Where it is a problem is the front fairing behind the windscreen area. It's super noticeable and bugged me enough to pull my fairings off again to paint over it. I didn't really do the best job, so in the future I would see if they could do it for me.



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I guess I'm just gonna treat this as an impromptu build thread.

Anyway, just pulled the right side exhaust heat shielding, polished up the downpipe, removed the passenger pegs, and deleted the rear brake reservoir.



Now I just need to figure out what color wheels to go with. :ponder:
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