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Hi guys... The past two days, due to work, I attended Automechanika Frankfurt.

This is suppossed to be one of the most important car/automotive trade show in Europe. Every two years I've attended since 2005, and every time it gets worse and sadder. None of the big brands (not even the german ones are placing stands... :-/ )

Still I always manage to get a couple of pictures... so here you have some...


Some of you might recongnize this beauty and his pilot!


F1 Ferrari:

I gotta admit there is nothing more brute than this:

I work with the Heavy Vehicles(a.k.a. Trucks), I'm always amazed by the racing trucks... Those enourmous engine blocks that they have to fit outside of the cockpit... The view of a Truck slick tyre is sickening!!!

I could see the IVECO, the MAN, the RENAULT... Each one more impressive!!!
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