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Hey guys,

Thanks for putting this site together. I've had a look around and there is a **** ton of information on here which is awesome. I just need to learn to navigate may way around.

Me and a mate are doing up an '03' for track days and we have a bit of work to get it ready. The bike has been sitting for about 18 months and it'll need an overhaul. Every Wednesday night we have set aside 4 hrs to work on it and on weekends. Basically need a bit of a punch list to get started.

TBH this is my first time, stripping and putting back together a bike and because we will be be racing, everything needs to be 100%.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get started?

Eventually there will be break upgrades, slipper clutch and quick shifter but no doubt there is a list as long as your arm to go before we get to that. Any advise would be greatly appreciated guys. Safe but sick riding guys!!!! Cheers
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