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Baseline settings for penske

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Well, I should have a new shock (penske 8981) within the next few days, now I just have to get it installed and set up. What is a good place to start as far as settings. The shock is sprung for a 200lb rider, which I am, so I'm fine there. Now I just need to get the compression and rebound set properly. What are some baseline settings to go with?
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I have an 05 set for 190lbs

My forks have Penske internals at stock height
The Rear is set about 3 threads showing on ride height
Rear compression on number 4 and rebound set to match. With rebound I always set it so that is bounces up smoothly but does not extend past equilibrium
On my old 03, I set the compression at 3, and the rebound around 12-14 out. Never really had to mess with it and it did the job well. I did have a pretty stiff spring on mine though for my weight. 774wp.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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