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2008 cbr600rr - 12,000 miles

my bike sat for months in a garage due to winter. battery was dead when i wanted to take it out so i jumped it, i rode around for about 3-4 weeks no problems.
but one night i drove to a friends house about 45 mins away (all highway) got to the neighborhood and turned the bike off to make a phone call for directions, maybe lasted 3 mins (lights were still on) went to start it up again and the battery was dead.. i had to jump it again.

this has been happening for the past couple weeks now and im figuring its a battery issue.

i have DDM HID's and use to keep the highbeam on at all times pointed down of course, i figured that was the problem maybe using up too much power with both lights on but i've been riding with just the low beam on for a couple weeks and still same problem.
funny thing is.. it happens most often when i stop for just a min, like to get gas or run into a UPS store or something. if i leave it for long periods of time it starts right back up. but if i leave it for a week then i need to charge it again.
fuel pump primes everytime and sounds good, i still get the clicking noise when its dead also..

Is it about that time to get a new battery? 12,000 miles?

thanks in advance
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