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I went to Lowes to get some items. Come back to my bike and it would not power up. Checked all my harness connections with the key in and kill switch on to see if I get power. At this time no noises no lights no dash no clock at all. I checked all my fuses and relays. Or so I thought.

The fuse on the positive side of the battery has a fuse about 6inchs down positive wire between the driver seat and rear passenger seat. Fuse is encased in red rubber and plastic.

Sure there is a post about this but I wanted to add another for anyone doing a google search and quick fix.

I didn't notice any warnings. Caught me off guard.

I had all the tools in my bikes tool case and lucky enough to have the standard fuse because it was not a mini fuse like the other fuses on the 05 600rr

Always be prepared. Some fixes can be diagnosed and fixed in the middle of a parking lot in 95°
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