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Whats up guys its been a long time since I've been on here (about a year). Last post I made I sold my bike, dropped it off the truck I used to transport it to the new owner and got a new cage.

Well I don't have a bike yet but I'm almost done messing with my car so next year I WILL be buying another bike (wife is bitching about it already an Mom is tripping but its going to happen so they'll have to deal).

I'm really leaning towards getting a fireblade.......I love the new ones (maybe not the front so much but the performance and the rest of the bike looks sick to me) or another 600.

Anyway I have no picks of the last bike but I do have a pic of my cage:

I know this isn't bike related but I missed the site and figured I'd share. LOL. I'll be on here off and on for the next year but I will def. be back on a bike . I still have my Arai RX-7 Corsair Jolly Rogers and my Alpinestars MX-1 leather.
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