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been pushstarting for a year

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soo im getting really strong and all from all the pushstarts...
anybody ever replace every dang starter system piece in their bike and still have it not work..?anybody know the common fix for this 03rr problem?i tried everything...charge the battery..bought new battery..relays...fuses..starter motor twice...rectifier to 04 with getting real tired of not being able to pull off onto dirt...(cant pushstart on dirt)plus none of my shirts fit my muscular back anymore...i feel real pimpin healthy but pushstarts suck at bike nights...
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really....? battery tender huh?...hmmmmm.thanx i might just try it. so here i go pushstarting...
my problems not that bad is not a strong a nub in this area .....what does the rectifier replacement do? I know theres the "sticky" up there but i didnt understand it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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