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Bell Revolver Question

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I've been looking at helmets lately and came across this one. It's about $200 and yes, price is somewhat of an issue right now(Please no comments from the Peanut Gallery). And FYI, I'd go with the matte black and a light smoked visor.

What do you guys think? I'm a little skeptical with it being a modular helmet.. But I don't have an issue with going with the Bell Vortex. I'm just a casual rider who does a few spirited rides every once in a while.. No track days or anything like that. Thanks for any input.
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if you need an inexpensive helmet, my pick would be the AFX FX-95. its their top of the line helmet but its well under 200 bucks and its really pretty decent. ive also seen good lower end offerings from shark that give kickass quality for the money but shark is between distributors at the moment, i was told, thus getting yourself an S600 or something might be a pain.

dont get a modular just cuz youre wanting something that checkmarks all the boxes for you without breaking the budget. theyre heavy, loud in some cases, really a vertical market application basically.
The Revolver is a great helmet, but I wouldnt recommend it for a sportbike. Id go with a Bell Vortex instead.
I was thinking of getting it from you lol... Do you have the vortex in stock?

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