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About a week ago I had messed up my ASV brake lever. Long story short, the threads on the adjuster shaft were 85% stripped. There was still enough to adjust the shaft out, but as soon as any pressure was applied to the lever the lever would collapse inward (toward the clip on).

So I went and called up ASV Inventions. After working my way through the machine, Arvin picked up the phone and listened to my problem. He asked for a few pictures and gave me his e-mail address. I took a few pictures and sent them his way. The next email said something to the tune of "Thanks for getting those pictures to me, I'll ship out a new dial and shaft asap. What's your shipping address?" I was (and still am) super impressed. No questions asked, no warranty paperwork needed, and a couple days later (VERY fast shipping btw) I have the new parts and my lever is back to normal!

It's companies like this that will keep my business and I'll suggest to everyone I know. IMO this is why it's worthwhile to spend the extra cash on levers (or whatever you're getting) to buy from a reputable company. Sure, you can get china levers for $40 for the pair, but if you damage one then it'll cost you another $40 because you have to buy the pair, plus you wait for the additional shipping time (which isn't nearly as quick), the levers don't feel as nice, don't look as nice, aren't designed as well (btw the design on the dial and shaft for the ASV lever is excellent-I thought the lever was threaded and potentially damaged but only the dial and shaft are threaded thus eliminating the possibility of stripping the lever threads), I could go on forever. But I just wanted to publicly recognize Arvin and ASV Inventions for the help.

Thanks again! :banger:
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