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Bigger wider rear tires...

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Hi people just wondering if our bikes can have bigger wider rear tires?? Or the 180/55 or whatever it is the biggest it can go....Thanks in advance!!
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You really don't want to do that if you care at all about your bike's handling.

Do a search...
Wel, you COULD change it, but it WILL affect the handling of the bike.

If your only doing it cause you think a 190 looks tougher than a 180 forget it. :bitchslap:
Hi yes handling wise its no biggie for me....Well when I picked up my bike today the guy said it would rub against the left handside... but the way he was explaining things to me he didnt seem like he knew too much...So the question is can it be done or not??......I did do a search but I didnt get the answer I was lookin hope you guys wit great knowledge can help me out!!!
Ehh, likin' the bigger look of the 190's eh? too, but I don't think it'd work too well on the 600RR...I have a 954 if you want it, it's got a huge back tire...looks soo sexy. ;-) $6500 :bounce:

But probably don't wanna put it on the 600RR
I am willing to bet this guy is into the BLING, BLING. Next question will be how to remove the powdercaoting from the frame. Stick with the 180. are right I am more into looks....But you must agree wit me that 180 tire does looks kinda small....oh well.....I can live wit 180.....Sorry if I sound like a ricer.....Like I said I just got my bike today and I dont know jak $hit!!
you sound like a ricer :( Function over Form will win the day.
LOL....Ok I guess am a "ricer" I said.....I am not into the hardcore racing and all that.....I just want my bike to look SWEET!! Thats all I care about!!!!
I just want my bike to look SWEET!!
And you think the back tire will make a difference?
hondaf4iguy said:
I just want my bike to look SWEET!!
And you think the back tire will make a difference?

baby jesus,LOL that is some funny ish.
Would you guys cut the fellow some slack :neutral:
He likes what he likes. It may not be functional, but it's the bottom line, so if someone can provide him some info as to how to go about doing what he wants, then hook a brotha up :lol2:
Why dont you just get a 200?? :roll: Oh yeah, and just so you know.. it is the "cool" thing to put a 180 on your rear now. A lot of people with liter bikes that come with 190s are switching to 180s...keep the tire that you have on there, you are already cool because of it.
How much worse would our bikes handle with those larger tires. Isn't that the combination that is on the 1000's?
Generally speaking... a wider tire will make the bike feel like side to side transitions are slower. I went from a 190 to a 180 on the RC51 and it seemed to drop in faster with less effort to put it down and hold it there. Other variables include tire profile and ride height but you will be hard pressed to find racers on 190 tires regardless of engine size.
190s do come on 1000s stock. Here is a thread from the R1 forum about some people changing to a 180... its obviously a world of a difference they say.
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