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bike is finished : Rothmans Replica (pics inside)

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here is she :

Carrozerria rear rim with new brake line, new rotor, new brake pads:

Carrozerria front rim with new brake line, new rotor, new brake pads, new tire:

gixxer mirrors :

led watsen turn signal :

yosh CF RS5 cone :

black rear set + tribal heel guard + rear brake reservoir relocated :

Pazzo long :
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beautiful bike.. love the rims.
That's awesome man. Very unique.
that looks sweet!!! very nice!!!
clean bike. why no gold rearsets? the gsxr mirrors are cool but stand out too much. kinda make the bike look droopy in the first pic. your bike thou. good job

those chicken strips have sexy time written all over them hahaha
very nice man. im not usually a fan of gold but ur bike is nicely done. congrats
U got a Lawson replica Shoei to go with that? Or maybe a Gardiner? Or a Doohan, I suppose...
sweet looking bike!!!

kinda make the bike look droopy in the first pic.
i noticed that too...but i don't think it's the mirrors, more like the lack of a double bubble. my .02
I see you covered the sweet Gap between the cover and the tank. Man this guys kit might be ok if he would just pay attention to some of the details.

My gap was hudge and I had to buy OEM's just to make it work

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I used carbon fiber heavy duty tape for that .... I am glad the way the bike came out.
those replica fairings look nice, mainly because you can match a lot of different gear with it.
Very Nice!
looks really good, you did an awesome job
nice looking bike..
Dang man, I see bike of the month and possibly bike of the year! Hope you win BOTM so you can win prizes for BOTY.
trade????? beautifulest bike mang.
I LOVE yours and the side view is my new desktop!
1 - 20 of 119 Posts
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