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Hey guys! It's been a while. (and yes I have already searched, didnt find anything of much help)

I moved back to the midwest last Fall from SoCal, FML I know right?

Anyways, had to winterize my bike. Shes a 2012 600rr that I've had since new.

So I took it to my buddies house who his dad runs a Honda/Kawasaki dealership here and has always taken care of my bikes.

Put it in his garage, he said he would get some fuel stabilizer from his dad and put it in.

Two weeks ago I moved into a house that has a garage so I trailered my bike from my buddies house to mine. When I went to get it from my buddies house the battery was giving out and it wouldnt start, no big deal, just the battery.

I got it to my house, got it on a battery tender and left it for a few days. I tried started it a few days after and she would just crank and crank and crank. Tried again next day, same thing. Called my buddies dad and he told me to shake the bike around to mix the gas up and to turn the key on and off a few times to let the fuel pump cycle a bit. Tried that a few times and no luck.

It finally started today when I had it up on the stands to clean my rims. I dont know if that made a difference but whatever. I let it run for about 3 minutes then went to go crank the throttle a little bit. I got it to about 3500rpm then it died on me and wouldnt restart.

I'm thinking that maybe my buddy didnt actually put the fuel stabilizer in it and after sitting for about 4 months the gas has just gone bad.

Any other ideas? Maybe I'm wrong?

ALSO; and here's the good part! I have been recently compiling some motorcycle goodies:cruising:

-TST integrated taillight with fender eliminator
-TST halo 1 flush mounts
-OEM rear seat race cowl
-Red rim tape
-'07 Pearl white lowers with red HONDA stickers (I have the red/white bike and I hate the all black lower fairing that completely covers the engine)
-and a TOCE exhaust is on the way.

Will have pictures up ASAP!

Thanks for the help guys

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sounds like batt has been killed off.

I found on my 09 that once it had trouble (extra 2-3 seconds of crank to get it started),

the batt was unable to be recovered through charging....Swap batts withh someone and try it again?
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