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Last weekend as I'm in a practice session with my 05 rr my bike decided that it didn't want to go any further, it died but when I shut it off and turned it on again it started right up.
At first I thought bas being as I just hooked it back up so I had bypassed it again.
3/4 of the way through one of my races it decides to shut down again-not a happy camper!!!!
Again it started right up after I lost a dozen places of course.
I tore all the bodywork and the air box off the bike in between races to look for any loose connections or any chaffed wiring-couldn't find any issues there.
One thing that I did find is that one of the relays had a crack in it and further inspection shows that the numbers on one of the other relays don't match the other 2 so it probably got swapped with the headlamp relay.
I swapped this relay with the coolant fan relay and then thinking it may be the newly installed Tectronics quick shifter I bypassed this.
next race the bike worked fine!

Here's my problem I don't know if either was the cause or if I just got lucky!
My next race weekend is in 2 weeks and I don't have any practice time before than to try and prove my bike!
Has anyone had this issue with any of the relays? They are all rated 20a.
If it was the quickshifter why would it start after i turn the key off and on because it isn't hooked to a switched power source?
Sorry for the big speel I'm just at my wits end!
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