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Hey guys,

I ride an 07 600rr, and have an issue with it suddenly switching off.
This is a problem that has slowly gotten worse over time. As of a week ago, my mechanic said the wire from the ignition/key was loose, and that he "fixed" it. (I think he meant the connection was loose. No soldering done). It's been fine, but today the bike switched off about 4 times in 15 minutes.

First of all, I apologize if I use incorrect/inaccurate terms, please bear with me.

I've read as many threads as I can, and so will try to give some potential indicative symptoms:

1. When it switches off, it does so without stuttering.
2. Sometimes when it switches off, the gauge goes off and comes back on.
3. Other times when it switches off, the gauge doesn't switch off and back on (behaves as though killswitch or side stand or key was used to switch it off).
4. Sometimes after switching off, it will crank but not start quickly and I have to give it gas to start.
5. Other times, it will crank and start just fine after switch off.
6. It switches off in first gear (once in second) and at low speeds. Rarely does it ever get past 15 km/h.


1. While having the stand down, key in "on" position, and kill switch set to "run" or "off" I don't get blinking lights to check for codes.
2. I can't seem to find/replicate a trigger event that makes it switch off:
A. Have turned handle bars all the way left and right to check for loose connections, and tried wiggling wires around a bit, it doesn't switch off.
B. Have let it run idle, it'll do it forever with no problems.. Until I'm riding and counting on it, of course..:banghead:
3. Fuel pump primes every time, no problems.
4. Fan comes on every time, no problems.
5. I don't think it's the Bank Angle Sensor since it happens even without tilting, and I don't need to switch the key off and back on to get the bike going again.
6. Mechanic said he pulled the spark plugs and didn't see any problems.

I'm gonna take it to get all the connections, fuse boxes, and ground wires checked. Will try to check the battery readings too while off, idle, and some RPM (5-6k). Will also try checking the cables underneath the airbox that vent out fumes.

Any ideas, guys? Help a brother out!

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Intermittent electrical problems can be a real PITA to track down as I'm sure you know by now. The fact that it's intermittent suggests a bad connection. The fact that it also affects the gauge cluster means it's most likely upstream of where they both receive power or on a common ground. I wouldn't even bother checking the spark plugs.

Have you eliminated the basics?
- clean and tighten battery cables
- make sure the relevant fuses and relays are seated properly

If it's not a loose/corroded connection then next most likely cause is a bad relay IMO.

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Thanks for the words of advice!

I don't wanna jynx it (too late?), but before I was about to take it to the mechanic I took off the seat to have a look at everything there.

Took off the cover off the fuses and relays, and just checked each one (just put a bit of pressure on em) and found that a couple of fuses could move lower into their ports. It was only like half a cm, but today *drum roll* NO SPORADIC DYING ON ME - yet...?

Well - hopefully, that's the end of that!

Funny the mechanic didn't check that to begin with.. Lesson learned: always start with the basics!

Thanks again!
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