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I'm planning on taking a 2 week vacation this summer. I decided to
make it a PCH road trip/camping trip. I'm going make a CycleTote
for the back of my truck, when I get to where I want to ride, I'll
unload the bike and goof around for the day. I want to try and
make it to Mexico.
Anyway, for those that are interested, here are the plans to the
CycleTote. It mounts to the Class III reciever hitch. The plans show
a manual hand crank, it's a heavy duty trailor jack. I think I'm going
to change it and use my High-lift Jack for the lifting machanism. I
decided to make it non-powered because I don't want to deal with
hydraulic or electrical problems when I'm on the trip. The first pic
shows the tote in the "packed" state, the second shows the tote
as it will be when it's extended.
So, basically it will extend to the ground to allow me to drive the
bike on and secure it to the tote. Then I can just lift it level to the
bumper, place the locks, and release the lift to put the weight on
the locks. Viola! Oh yet, there will be several pins in it to keep it
from sliding off the truck when I hit the gas.

I'm working on a Dimensioned view and a rendered view. I'll post
those as soon as they are done.

It will be made of the same steel tubing as the hitch. I'm going to
use 1/8" steel mesh for the channel the cycle sits in so water will
run through it.

It's the combination of several cycle totes that are available, but
everything out there is too expensive and/or not heavy duty
enough for me to feel safe mouting my RR to it. OH, I'm also going
to install Air-Lift ride adjusters to my truck to keep it level when the
cycle is hangin off the end.

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My truck is std. cab, so I need the bed room for all the trip supplies...tent,
clothes, cooler, sleeping bags, etc...
If I put the bike in the back, then I have to haul a ramp...which is f'in big.
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