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Bike turn in, Bent bars or steering out?

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I found going round some right hand corners the bike feels stiff on turn in as if it dosn't want to lean over. Left handed cornering seems normal.
The bike fell over last year when i got a flat and that bent the rear sets and the brake lever. But I have done 7000 miles since then and the bike has been fine. I just replaced the levers and rear set and all seemed fine. I have noticed it more and i was wondering if the right bar might be slightly bent? I bought one off ebay just incase and i am still waiting for it to turn up so i can elimante that. Could it be the suspension, tire pressure, fork seals. I also need to tighten up the chain but not done it yet as i have new chain and sprockets could it be the rear wheel is out of alignement with the lose chain? Could it be the head set bearings?

Help please! I am not that mechanically minded.
I am just about to install a steering damper and don't want to until i know everything is ok with my bike 1st! I don't want to mask a problem.
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I wouldn't think a bent bar would make it seem stiff in one direction. The feeling of stiff in the steering on that side it fell over makes me wonder about the steering head bearing. If the bearing is tweaked on one side it can give a tighter feel in the steering on one side over the other.
\putney said:
i think it might be the headstock bearings. what i am going to do is get the chain and sprockets done so that will hopefully elminate the back end of the bike being the problem. I am going to check the tire pressures tomorrow.
I have done 14500miles so i am guessing the shite british roads might be to blame.

How many miles on your bike and what year is it?

mine is an 2005. will the head set bearings be covered under warranty? or will they blame me for it saying i pull wheelies? i can't even pull wheelies as only been riding a year and a half!
The steering head bearings should be serviced every 8000mi according to the manual. Many of us never touch it and it is fine however. I think in your situation it is worth investigation based on your mileage and drop on that side. My current bike is a 2006 CBR600RR with 2k on it. I have owned a whole bunch of other bikes before this one though. I'll probably change out the bearings regardless on mine at 16k. I doubt I will do anything more than repack them at 8k.
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