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bike wont get an idle wont run unless i give it a gas start

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alright so i get on the bike go to start it it starts and runs then it slowly dies off from idle, so i adjust the idol thinking maybe it turnd or something i dont know. so it wouldnt start it would for a sec then die. so i tried to give it some gas and started it and walla it worked, so i poped it into 1st gear took it for a spin came back it stalled when i slowed down, so i tried ot fire it up again with the gas and it did but as soon as i poped it in gear it died instantlly so it did that a few times and then it just wouldnt start at all, so i tried to pop start it nothing then jumped it and i could fire it up using the throtal but it wont let me pop it in gear it dies, any ideas? befor i go walking into the shop tomorrow?
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Sup man long time no see its about time you are back in the thick of things
i think you screwed up your idle if you fix that you should be good to go
call Tim i am sure he will lead you to the problem and the solution

you are not allowed to disappear like that any more
call me sometime
my bad moe mad **** went wrong lately i need your number again for sure brother. iv been so bussy with **** this is my first itme on here since we last talked, be safe brother
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