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Check this out. Could save you some money in repair bills.

So I low sided my bike this morning. Nothing big was only going like 15 mph but tires were cold and road was a bit moist. Anyhow, when I picked the bike back up it wouldn't start using the starter. Pushed it to a gas station and was able to bump start it so I figured the BAS and ECS were good or it wouldn't start at all.

When I got it home I noticed that my Head lights were also not working. I searched a few threads on here and noticed a lot of people had the same symptons as myself, but no one posted a fix.

Now I low sided on the right side of the bike which is where the starter and kill switch are located. I pulled off the tank cover to access the 9 pin mini connector and looking at the wiring diagrams I saw that the starter switch had 4 poles on it that would have continuity between them depending on configuration of the switch ie. either pushed in or relaxed. Since the guage cluster, Fuel pump, and ECU all performed normally when I turned the key to the ignition I figured I had no voltage from the witch to the starter motor. When I pushed the starter switch in nothing at all happened. No noise from the starter or nothing.

So I read across the poles on the switch at the male side of the 9 pin mini and didn't get any continuity on any of them like I was suppose to with the switch depressed or relaxed. So I went back to the female side and verified that I was getting 12v DC off the black/white wire. I also noticed that the yellow/red wire was the power wire from the switch to the starter so I jumped the black/white wire to the yellow/red wire and the bike started up no problems.

I thought **** now I need a new switch pod along with the throttle tube and bar end weight, but I opened up the switch pod anyways and this is what I found.

As you can see the starter switch actually has two pieces that just snap together by some plastic tabs. A contactor and switch base.

My switch had become undone when the right handle bar hit the deck and that is what was causing my no starting issue pretty easy fix and saved me some money and time.
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