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Here's the scoop.

2007 CBR600RR
17,400KM / 10,800 Miles
MINT Condition

First offer from Ins. Company (MPI):
$7400 CDN / $6200 USD - base

Cost to repair: "6800 CDN"

This is without my receipts for "upgrades"... so just a base price for the bike.

Ok I'm new to this insurance/claim game. From what I've heard, they always lowball on first offer, and try to get the deal done ASAP. So I'm doing some research so I can go in and state my case, to show that is too low an offer.

I just took a quick look around this site and it looks like most (similarily modded) 07's are going for an average of 7500USD / 9000 CDN.

It is clear that I would not be able to go out and repurchase the same type bike for the amount they are giving me.

So I am just looking for a little advice, or just tell me if I'm going in the semi-right direction.

Things I plan to take in to hopefully up my offer:

- The manager of Honda is willing to write me a letter stating he thinks it is worth alot more.
- I have the lead instructor of the motosport technician course at my college willing to write a letter stating the same, and how he saw it to be in perfect condition.
- I did my own maintenance there at the school over winter, so I can make up a workorder stating ALL the things I did to it, just to prove how much I took care of my bike.
- Pictures of my bike (great quality so I can blow up the pics) that were taken literally an hour before the crash, showing the bikes fairings etc. to be in MINT condition, as the rest of the bike.
- Print off ads of all the 07 CBR600RRs that I can find of being sold, and show the price not near what they are giving me. As well as older models STILL being sold for more than that.
- An awesome attitude and a smile?

I'm just starting to build my case right now but input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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That isnt too bad of a price. I just scanned the auto trader in Toronto and average 'ask' prices are around $8500-9500 CDN with fewer KM's. I'm sure one could negotiate $1000 off those prices without much trouble.

With that said, try and negotiate, you may get an extra $500.
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