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Got the bike in the garage. Rider insurance in Jersey is really good I'd like to add. The bike was in and out of a tow yard and a salvage yard. It was stored for two days in one and over a week in the other and towed 3x. When I picked the bike up and had it delivered home all I had to pay was the $40 to have it put in my driveway and they even said they'll reimburse me for that if I go there and show them the receipt. I even got a free t-shirt from the salvage yard because they almost sold the bike on me before I came to get it.
Anyway, I have to repaint the tail and get a new fairing cause it's cracked. I was thinking of painting the bike a new color. Possibly a dark smoke grey. My brother likes the Kawi orange but I dont want people thinking I'm riding a Kawi until I actually get one. Anybody want to help out photoshopping a dark smoke color. Any other color recommendations? I was also thinking all black...everything.
While its apart I'm gonna powdercoat the forks when they come in and the levers and rearsets (if I dont get new ones) and the swingarm.
Still trying to figure out what FE I'm gonna get too.
Thanks guys.
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